We're proud to announce the schedule of B-Sides Vienna | NinjaCon 11!

0day (the one and only this year, sry guys!) - Saturday, June 18th, 2011

10:00:00Doors open & breakfast (aka the caffeine addiction support group session)The Hub
11:00:00 AV-Comparatives Peter Stelzhammer keynote Area 1
11:00:00 Lockpicking Workshop n.a. workshop Area Of Effect
11:40:00 Hacking NFC and NDEF, why I go and look at it again Collin Mulliner lecture Area 1
11:40:00 The engineering part of social engineering, or why just lying your way in don't get you anywhere Aluc lecture Area 2
13:20:00 The Dark Side of Social Media: Measuring & Analyzing Malicious Activity On Twitter and Facebook Daniel Peck lecture Area 2
13:20:00 SmartMeter - Hacking Digital Measuring Devices Franz Lehner lecture Area 1
14:20:00 Attack UPnP - The Useful plug and pwn protocol finux lecture Area 1
14:20:00 Finding evil in live memory using free tools Michael J. Graven lecture Area 2
15:30:00 Web App Penetration Testing Armando Romeo training Trainings Area
15:30:00 Staying low: how FakeAV flies under the AV's radar Bojan Zdrnja, Branko Spasojevic lecture Area 1
15:30:00 Lightning Talks n.a. lecture Area 2
16:30:00 A Midsummer Droid's Dream (grab a drink, come around, let's reverse some malware) Manuel Acanthephyra lecture Area 2
16:30:00 Evil Core Bootkit - Pwning Multiprocessor Systems Wolfgang Ettlinger, Stefan Viehböck lecture Area 1
18:00:00 When I Grow Up I want to be a Cyberterrorist Mike Kemp night talk Area 2
18:00:00 Agile Infrastructure with Chef Maciej Pasternacki training Trainings Area
18:00:00 Data Exfiltration - not just for Hollywood Iftach Ian Amit lecture Area 1
19:00:00 How to Give a Lousy Presentation 2.0 XXL Reloaded Pepi Zawodsky workshop Area 2
19:00:00 The 99c Heart Surgeon - How to Fix Penetration Testing Stefan Friedli night talk Area 1
20:10:00 Closing Remarks n.a. night talk Area 1
21:00:00 AfterCon Party Paul Raal, joernchen event Elektro Gönner

Download the schedule as .ics!