When I Grow Up I want to be a Cyberterrorist

Mike Kemp

Type of lecture: night talk
Language: EN
Held on 2011-06-18 18:00:00 (length: 50 min)
Location: Area 2

Computer mediated terror is big business. Books get written. New reports get recorded. Every time a teenager discover LOIC and 4chan it makes headlines. 'Experts' have warned for years of the likelihood of an 'electronic pearl harbour'. Even John McClane and Hollywood have got into the fray. So, who are the cyberterrorists, and how will they cause the downfall of civilisation? This talk examines some of the more ridiculous claims made about computer mediated attacks on CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) as well as providing details of how terrorists could actually cause harm should they actually know what they are doing. As well as addressing weaknesses in the critical infrastructure of the UK and further afield, it discusses specific attacks (that may well work) as well as practical countermeasures. The talk also addresses the politics of fear, and how a fundamental misunderstanding (or misappropriation) of both technology and the 'terrorist' mindset is leading to a clampdown on network freedoms, and what can be done about it (other than blowing up power stations and telco backbones).
It should be noted that the author is risking getting on all manner of 'watch' lists to deliver this talk. Talk may contain strong language/nudity and be unsuitable for younger viewers.

Michael Kemp is an experienced UK based security consultant, with a specialization in the penetration testing of web applications and the testing of compiled code bases and DB environments to destruction. As well as the day job, Michael has been published in a range of journals and magazines, including Heise, Network Security, Inform IT and Security Focus. To date, Michael has worked for NGS Software, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), British Telecom, and a host of freelance clients throughout the globe. Presently, Mike is working in a day job for Xiphos Research Labs (which he has no choice in as he is company co-founder). When not breaking things, Michael enjoys loud music, bad movies, weird books and writing about himself in the third person. Mike has previously presented at security conferences in Jakarta, Hawaii, New York, Vienna, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Prague, Holland, Zagreb and London (on subjects as diverse as virtualisation, malware, and why the government sucks), and is always keen to embarass himself in new and exotic locales.

Attached files: All slides in pdf format