The engineering part of social engineering, or why just lying your way in don't get you anywhere


Type of lecture: lecture
Language: EN
Held on 2011-06-18 11:40:00 (length: 50 min)
Location: Area 2

All the talks I saw about SE so far just showed which good SEs the speakers are. I try to do another approach, what if I get in and don't know what to do then. The talk is about the reconnaissance before the assessment, the different approaches of SE. Which techniques can one use, how to do proper intelligence and what is useful. How things work and more importantly, why. Which skillset should one have before entering an engagement. And last but not least, how to counter an SE attack.

Aluc is an old hacker, podcaster, and spearhead of BerlinSides.

A more in-depth description of this talk is to follow within the upcoming weeks, please stay tuned!

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